For after school meals, we encourage you to serve soups along their main meal. This way you will help provide your kids part of the nutrients they need per day for their growth and development. Give our Maggi Kids Soups a try! They will provide your little ones with a minimum of 25% vegetables

Zucchini frittata

This recipe is a great way to add nutritious vegetables like zucchini to your kid’s lunchbox. Besides, it is super easy to prepare and your little ones will fall in love with its taste. Why not try it for breakfast as well?

Burger pops

It is always a good idea to load your kid’s lunchbox with their favorite food presented in a different yet appealing way! These burger pops are made in practically no time and will definitely encourage your kid to eat the whole meal.

Mini veggies quiches

These quiches are loaded with the healthiest ingredients! Once it is baked, make sure to add your personal touch to get the nicest end result that your kids will love.

Mini meat cups with mashed potato frosting

If you’re looking for the most appealing lunchbox recipe, look no further! Deliciously shaped meat balls frosted with mashed potato for an exquisite end result that your little ones will love! Give it a try.