1. Choose your utensils wisely

To get the best out of your shish tawook skewers, invest in a cast iron skillet – it is your go-to utensil to grill your favorite chops indoors because it holds heat extremely well, cooking your food to perfection. In addition, keep in hand some tongs, a heavy duty spatula, a pastry brush and some canola or vegetable oil.

2. Master the preparations

When opting for indoor grilling, the main rule is to never brush the grill plates with oil. Make sure to rub the lamb chops with vegetable oil and the new MAGGI BBQ seasoning. The latter is the perfect balance of authentic and natural spices, as good as homemade, for all your grills. Keep in mind to marinate your food for 20 min and up to 2 hours to avoid getting hard to chew meats caused by the acidic ingredients such as vinegar and citrus juices added to the marinade.

3. Do your own grill marks

Getting those cool grill marks on your food is easier than you think. The next time you prepare kofta kabab, make sure to place the food on the grill and then press it to get marks. Rotate the kababs in the opposite direction and repeat the same step. The results are worth giving a try!

4. Grill to perfection

Whether you’re grilling indoor or outdoor, always make sure to never flip the food before it’s ready because that can cause your chops to fall apart and cook unevenly.