Store liquid broth in the freezer for later

Still have some liquid broth after cooking? Pour equal portions into an ice cube tray and store it in the freezer to use later.

Re-grow your root vegetables

Vegetables like green onions, celery, even lettuce can be easily regrown from the scraps rather than throwing them away. Simply take the root of the vegetable (the very bottom), place it in a small container filled with water & watch It grow back! Cut the new stems off and use them in your next meal.

Keep herbs fresh & vibrant

When you buy fresh herbs, place them in a jar filled with cold water & cover them in a small plastic bag secured with a rubber band. Make a hole in the bag for air circulation. Your herbs will stay fresh in the fridge twice as long.

Keep Jarred products fresh

Jarred products like sauces can be kept fresh just by storing the product upside down in the fridge once it's been opened. This keeps air from getting in to the product, preventing bacteria from forming.