• Here’s how to keep your cool during warm weather!
    A hot soup can do the trick. It triggers your body’s receptors, and they relay the hotness to the brain. Soon, your brain starts cooling your body.
  • There’s a lot of tradition in your bowl of soup.
    MAGGI® follows our ancestors’ traditions by preserving its soup ingredients through dehydration. This process removes moisture and locks in all the nutrition and taste of the ingredients.
  • During WW II
    People used to make soups out of whatever they could get their hands on like rice husk and potato peels. Well, gone are those days! Now, there are lots of yummy things we could get our hands on. Go ahead, try something new today.
  • Soups are known to be a cure for any problem.
    As the old Yiddish saying goes, ‘Troubles are easier to take with a soup than without’. Keep it in mind next time you’re feeling blue.
  • Need ideas for a light dinner?
    Simply grab a bowl of soup before you go to bed.
    It’s light on your tummy, yet keeps you full and doesn’t add much to your calories either. You’re welcome!
  • Who eats more soup, men or women?
    9 against 4, statistics show that women are fonder of soups than men, for their numerous benefits.
  • Eating healthy takes no big effort.
    All you need to do is keep an eye on the pack. Take for instance, MAGGI® Soups. They are 100% free of added artificial flavours, preservatives or colourants. Read the back of any pack before you cook, it’s that simple.
  • Soup for inspiration!
    Frank Sinatra loved to have his chicken & rice soup in his dressing room, before he went on stage. When do you prefer having yours?
  • Soups do make you think!
    Ever wondered why soups are “eaten” and not “drunk “?. You enjoy a soup with a spoon, and not straight from the bowl, right? Well, now you know.
  • Guess what? You can minimize your salt intake by having MAGGI® Soups at mealtime.
    It’s balanced and in line with the World Health Organization’s recommendations of 5g of salt a day, which dictates the healthy amount of salt. You don’t need to add more, enjoy as is!