Samka Harra

You’ll be proud to serve this simple seafood dish to family and friends to enjoy, with its flavorful piquant gravy and tender white fish filets. Full of health benefits, this delightful dish takes under 30min to prepare, and won’t cost you a bundle to prepare. All you’ll need is some white fish filets, MAGGI® Seafood Mix which adds the perfect homemade flavor to seafood dishes that everyone loves, onion, garlic, tomatoes, and coriander.


Here’s another recipe with fish filet, this time with an Arabian twist. Sayadieh is a deliciously nutritious main dish that won’t take you long to prepare. You will need one MAGGI® Seafood Mix sachet, which is made out of an aromatic mix of spices and herbs that give your dishes that special seafood flavor. Next, follow the simple instructions on the back of the Maggi Seafood Mix sachet to prepare this impressive dish and enjoy its rich flavor with family and friends.

Fish Curry

Someone who isn’t familiar with Indian cuisine might think that curry can only be prepared with chicken, but today we will be preparing an exquisite fish curry. Give this recipe a try, it’s sure to impress!

Fish Kabsa

The famous and absolutely delicious Saudi Kabsa, this time with flavors from the sea, will impress even the pickiest of guests. In this recipe, you will be mixing between the traditional and the innovative. Start by frying the onion, and add our very own MAGGI® Kabsa Mix with its carefully weighted spices to give you that perfect kabsa flavor. Next, add the rice and some water.

Thai Soup

To complete your journey with seafood, and for that extra something special, try this appetizing Thai soup with prawns. This heavenly concoction will take less than 15min to prepare. All you need is one sachet of MAGGI® Spring Season Soup with a few ingredients. Follow the steps mentioned in the link below to prepare this tasty soup.

Seafood Majboos (Paella Style)

Let’s travel together to the United Arab Emirates, and prepare the most famous local dish “Majboos”, but this time using a Spanish paella style. This dish is not as expensive to prepare as you may think, and is an extraordinary addition to your seafood extravaganza. This can easily be a main dish with its variety of ingredients and superior flavor, that you serve to family and friends to enjoy.