When they’re back at school, there’s a lot you’re juggling with. Meal prep shouldn’t be one of them.

From lunchboxes your little one will look forward to, snacks to invigorate them and dinners that are the perfect ending to the day!

Explore the Versatility of our Range

  • Meal Kits – Available in Paella and Broccoli & Cheese, make quick and easy one pot meals in minutes, in a few easy steps! Free of preservatives and artificial flavors and colorants.
  • Pizza Sauces – Made with natural sun-ripened tomatoes and packs a punch of flavor. Just prepare the base, spread the sauce and use your child’s favorite toppings for a weekday treat!
  • Kid’s Soups – Packed with flavor, nutrients and deliciousness, serve these bowlfuls of love any time of the day! Add their favorite garnish and customize it however you please.