• Did you know that, in the English language, people say they are eating soup, while in Arabic, people say they are drinking it. So maybe there’s no one rule set in stone to have a soup. Have it the way you like – with a spoon or just drink it up from your bowl! There’s no one stopping you.
  • According to etiquette, it’s perfectly civilized to tip your soup bowl a bit to scoop out the last drops of soup from it. Just that, make sure you don’t topple the bowl altogether. That goes against etiquette though.
  • There are specific ways to serve certain soups. For instance, chicken soup with corn should always be served in a thick, deep bowl. That’s because this bowl retains heat for longer, so that the creamy soup and corn don’t go cold too soon.
  • Here’s something that many of us didn’t know. It’s against etiquette to fill up your soup spoon when you eat. You’re only supposed to fill 75% of the spoon. That is if anyone is watching. Otherwise, just go for it.
  • Had enough of soup etiquettes? Here’s one more. Blowing the soup on the spoon before you eat it is a big NO. But what you could do instead is hold the spoon for a couple of seconds before you eat. The soup should cool a bit by then. Some test of patience!

Now that we’ve covered the various etiquettes relating to the consumption of soup, aren’t you at least a little curious about the actual origins and roots of soup?