Chicken Mandi

A family favorite dish of spiced rice and chicken glazed in a delicious tomato yogurt sauce.

One-pan Vegetable Maklouba

Carefully crafted layers of delicious rice, cauliflower and eggplants. This classic is easier to make than it looks!

Egyptian Molokhia (Jute leaves)

A traditional stew from Egypt! Aromatic Egyptian Molokhia cooked with rice and chicken topped with garnish Coriander.

Meat Kibbeh Akras

A simple yet wholesome dish of minced beef and borgol cooked in a tasty mix.

Macaroni Bechamel

A tasty oven-baked pasta in a rich bechamel sauce with spiced minced meat for added flavor.

Meat & Potatoes Sambosa

The iconic triangular appetizer, a great way to start your iftar. Crisply fried pastry sheets stuffed with a filling of pan-fried potatoes and minced lamb.