Edible Spoon

For those times when you plan to have a movie night at home (alone or with company), why not make things interesting by having some hearty soup paired with cheesy edible spoons.

Romantic Bread Bowl for 2

Most romantic nights start with dinner and dinner usually starts with a soup. Surprise your loved one tonight and serve them this delicious bowl of soup!

Party Shooters

For all our gatherings and parties with friends, we’re always looking for a new way to start things off apart from the same old sandwich and juice ideas, here is an exciting and different way to do that while serving soup:

Mushroom tiramisoup

Preparing our upgraded mushroom soup is super easy and serving it is as delicious as its name! The mascarpone cheese adds to the soup a creamy texture and the crackers add an exquisite taste that will keep everyone asking for more.

Your own Classic Crouton Soup

For when you want to add that extra crunch/texture to your soup, why not go with the classic crouton? It’s classic for a reason: easy and wholesome, a perfect complement to your soup.


Stars, circles or hearts. Use your cookie cutter to create different shapes of your favorite vegetables and add them to your soup bowl for extra colour.

Soup with Puff Pastry

For those times when you crave some variety, why not prepare yourself a lovely and easy to make puff pastry to pair with your soup!

Pizza Toast with your Soup

Mixing two great things can go wrong sometimes or go very right other times. Don’t just take our word for how right this one can go, try it out yourself!

Herbs & Cheese Melt Soup

Admit it. We have all experienced that craving for something cheesy and delicious many times. Here’s a cool hack you could try with your favourite soup to satisfy that craving.

Baked Soup Pie

Everyone loves a yummy pie. How about making a pie out of your favourite soup? The best of both worlds. Enjoy!

Crispy Parmesan Crisps

You love soup. You love dipping. And of course, you drool over crisps. Now enjoy all these in one delicious soup preparation. Indulge!

Kale Crisps with Maggi Excellence Broccoli Soup

Enjoy a crispy crunch with your soup.