Barbeque & Soup

Ever occurred to you that soup could be a great accompaniment to your barbeques with friends? It’s a great way to enjoy all the meat you’ve grilled up and pair it with something indulging and fulfilling. Prepare Asparagus soup and you’ll find that the barbeque is a lot more enjoyable.

A soup potluck

Ok, here’s a great idea for a get together. This is something that’s been tried and tested. So, no risks. Invite your friends over for a soup potluck – the host prepares an array of different creamy & indulgent soups. The rest of the bunch have to bring in sides such as veggie sticks, cheese skewers or sausages whatever fits best with soup. Enjoy the flavors and there you have an amazing soup party!

Edible spoon

If you find yourself craving a delicious side dish to pair with your soup, here’s a great idea for when you have some time to spare at your next soup night. Mix some cheese, butter and salt in a large bowl, then add some water and flour to the bowl and mix some more. Now roll this dough and cut out 6 spoon shapes which you will next bake for 25 minutes. Serve your freshly baked edible spoons along with your favorite soup which now has a delicious dip paired with it.

Party Shooters

We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to kick start our parties, if you find yourself running out of exciting ideas, here’s one that is bound to impress your friends. Serve some broccoli soup in small colourful glasses instead of your usual bowls/mugs along with the much loved grilled cheese sandwich cut into small bites to create that playful dipping experience. It’s sure to be a hit at your next party!