Soup Nostalgia

Nothing beats the chicken soup mom makes. Period. It’s something so nostalgic that if you have a bowl of any soup vaguely similar to what she makes, it will bring back thoughts of home.So, here’s how to have a nice nostalgic evening all by yourself. Get the recipe from mom, make a bowl of the soup and pour it in your favorite bowl. Nostalgia!

Alone time is perfect for a nice light soup

Eating with friends and family is fun and enjoyable but we all know that we can sometimes use that “me” time. When you are flying solo, you’re looking for a warm bowl of goodness that makes you feel nice and cozy on the inside. A soup will allow you to indulge yourself while keeping a light meal. Pack your favorite soup, like chicken soup with corn, with ample protein and vegetables as part of your meal.

Blockbuster soup

Feel like spending some peaceful me-time over the weekend? Why not make it a blockbuster soup day! Here’s how it works. Make a nice warm asparagus soup and keep it aside. Next prepare some healthy and simple edamame to give you that cinema crunch you’re used to. You’re now ready to enjoy the latest blockbusters, right at home with a hearty soup paired with some healthy edamame. Cool, right?