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Leftover chicken? Delicious quesadillas. Mix shredded chicken with cheese and cook between 2 tortillas for classic quesadillas with a twist.

Day 2:

For that fire-roasted flavor? place a square of lit charcoal in the center of the rice pot and pour a teaspoon of ghee over it. When it starts to smoke, tightly cover the pot.

Day 3:

For seasoning that is just right. Add 1 Tablespoon of salt to every KG of meat; this works with beef, chicken, shrimp and fish.

Day 4:

Pre-cooking pasta? Drain it before it cooks all the way through. That way it will finish cooking in the sauce and will absorb more of the flavor.

Day 5:

To save time when cooking prepare the smaller dish elements ahead of time, like toasting bread or roasting nuts. It makes all the difference!

Day 6:

To get fluffier rice, let it rest 5 minutes once cooked then fluff it with a fork and then it’s ready to serve.

Day 7:

Almost done cooking only to realize the soup is too salty? Add a whole potato to the pot and let it cook in the soup for 15 minutes; it will absorb the excess salt.

Day 8:

To prepare a good roux mix equal amounts of flour and melted butter, add them to any liquid you want to thicken.

Day 9:

If you find your rice is soggy, add a slice of bread to absorb the excess liquid.

Day 10:

Load up on easily frozen items like kibbeh & sambousak for those days when you just don’t feel like cooking.

Day 11:

Make cooking vegetables easier: saute an onion in ghee, add fresh tomato juice & paste; bring it to a boil. Divide the sauce into plastic bags or boxes and store in the fridge to use when needed.

Day 12:

To cook your poultry; mix a spoon of tomato paste, honey, oil with some salt and pepper. Rub the mix on (& under) the skin before placing the bird in the oven.

Day 13:

Adding yogurt or buttermilk to MAGGI’s Mashawi Mix makes the chicken tender and juicy. To save time, store the chicken with the mix in the freezer one day ahead of cooking.
Tip for Kibbeh Sanyah Shapes

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Tip for Kibbeh Sanyah Shapes

We can’t resist this Kibbe Saneyah.